World Teacher Day

October finds me me in my well known routines – eyes on screens, eyes in books, eyes observing students. October also finds me juggling online seminars and the desire to be outdoors. October finds me in transit – designing courses, learning on courses, switching from educator to learner, wearing different hats,  hoping that in the process I may become a better educator for those I work with.

October also finds me giving thanks to the many educators who inspire, guide and collaborate with me. On October 5th, my thoughts will go out to all in my connected web of networks and collaborations – with thanks and gratitude.

In a world where so much change impacts Education, individuals can no longer pretend to be islands of all knowledge. In a world where educators face all the realities of change in their students’ faces, where educators are handed outdated curricula to perform as teaching, in classrooms designed for the industrial age yet juggling digital devices for learning, there is an international day where teachers are recognised as an essential link for sustainable and improved living conditions across the globe.

The Global Learning Crisis
To all who enlighten me, to all who push boundaries, to all who make the world a more informed place – thank you.


The image with Seth Godin’s quote is by Samantha Tran


Teaching, Educating, Thanking

With all the rapid changes in educational systems around the world, some adapting to the introduction and implementation of new technologies in their curriculum, others still questioning the value of tech in education, I am left questioning the change in roles in classrooms.

If before I spoke about the role of the learner, the teacher and the curriculum, today I would add the role of technology in the classroom. Yes, tech is tech – a tool, and not a learning outcome. Implementing activities and projects with the aid of ICT does not guarantee that the quality of education or learning process will magically improve. However, the scope of possibilities is broader, wider, and in many ways, perhaps even more inclusive with the introduction of digital literacies.

Roles may change. Names may change. Technology may change.

Beliefs in the nature and purpose of education remain the same.

To all those who truly educated me, to those who broadened my mind, unleashed my passion  to continue learning, thank you. To all those who continue inspiring me, sharing with me their reflections, hesitations, clarifications, thank you for being part of my learning.

Who was part of your learning?

Change – Do You?

Two months left of 2011. What has changed?

I have changed. I have introduced change in my classrooms and in my workspace. My students have changed. They feel more confident using technology for their learning. They blog, love wikis, enjoy creating Vokis, are not afraid of experimenting with technology to widen their scope of life and improve their learning experiences.

My students use technology to express their critical thinking, their language learning and their voices of change.

What will it take for educators to actually enjoy change???

Whether transmitting knowledge and skills, facilitating learning, inspiring risk-taking (what is learning if not delighting in risks of change?), these are all an educator’s responsibility.

Two months left of 2011.

What will you have changed?

Can You Inspire Me?

Where does one find inspiration in education and learning?

I find inspiration in my students’ learning and positive progress.

I am inspired by so many of my immediate colleagues and  people I work with.  So many  in my networks and communities inspire, encourage me to think beyond the stereotype, the bland, the static.

I am inspired by friends and family – their successes as well as their failures. Failing, in my eyes, is another opportunity for learning, for evolving and developing.

I am inspired everyday.

(the above inspirational video with Seth Godin can be also viewed here)

Where do you find inspiration?

Can you inspire me?