Hi! I’ve been teaching for over 20 years; my  teaching and training experience has been in Europe, the Middle East, the UK, and Japan. I’ve taught at  Higher Education since my 20’s, as well as being an in-company trainer for International Communication in the Business World.

Although I have been involved in language teaching for most of my career (English & German), I have also taught Law Translation and other content subjects such as literary studies, translation,  and  contemporary cultural  studies. I don’t believe in “experts” – it’s a term that I find curious and very often, misleading. Does it mean that the “expert” knows all and has nothing else to learn with anyone at all?

However, I have trained and worked within the field of language, so perhaps I may be regarded as a “specialist”   – someone who knows the field and is always learning.  The two areas I have worked the most in, are English for Academic Purposes and English for Specific Purposes, with many years of training top management as well as undergraduates and post-graduates on business courses. Within English for Management, I taught both language and content; not the “hard-core” accountancy and strategic planning,  but rather the soft, intangible skills that professionals in management need in their everyday life.

Because of my background and having grown up in different parts of the world, cross-cultural issues are very much part of my learning and teaching experience as well. I have also done ethnographic research and tend to practice a more qualitative approach to knowledge and reality, though perhaps today, my perceptions and understandings are more eclectic and unsurprisingly, post-modern.

 Although I have always believed in life-long learning, I think that today with the speed of change, constant learning, regular reflection and professional development are as necessary as that first cup of coffee in the morning.

This blog began with a course at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and has now become a space where I continue reflecting, questioning and weaving issues in current education; an attempt  to make sense of  the rapid changes we are living.

Thank you for visiting.  Let the connecting commence!


All opinions and statements are my own and in no way related nor connected with my employer. 


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ana Cristina, It seems that we have several things in common: over 20 years teaching experience, interest in ESP, lived in several places well, Uk and Peru in my case, an interest in cross cultural communication definitely and interest on technology as well.
    looking forward to communicate.
    Where are you from? Ana Maria? sounds Spanish?

  2. Hi Ana Cristina. You really do have a very nice site and what an active “online life” do you have.
    I just read about your Bloom wheel and I love it. Would it be possible to let me translate it into Dutch, for my colleagues? I’d like to publish it on my site and share it with the Dutch speaking community

    • Hi Dico,

      Thank you for your time to visit and for your kind words. Yes, you are more than welcome to share it in Dutch, however, please note that I did not create the Bloom wheel; merely shared the link in the blog post. If you do happen to translate the whole blog post, do share with me as well.

      Thank you again for your time and consideration!

  3. Hi, My name is Aygul. I am from Turkey. I have just found your site and read your paper. I really appreciate you doing so many various research and being interested in many areas. I like searching and getting new approaches. And now I am still studying English to be a teacher. I want to improve and share my thoughts about teaching and learning as much as possible. Moreover, I want to hear different ideas from teachers like you and would like to discuss about teaching and learnings subjects. Thank you for that blog. I hope we can contact as soon as possible 🙂

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