Learning vs Training

In some ways, Fisher’s article on Lifelong Learning – More than Training, has left me wondering how many more years will it take for  certain aspects of change in education to be overcome.  Two points which he highlights as problematic in the information age are the lack of creativity and the overall capacity of coping with change. Despite having written this  paper 12 years ago, I still consider these two aspects as daily challenges in the world of education.  However, I disagree when it comes to the use of digital technology and change – there has been tremendous change over the last years. It is not that media itself turns information into more meaningful information, but what today’s Web2.0 allows users to do with information – that is a significant change (and which I have regularly referred to throughout this bog).

Ewan McIntosh also questions why innovation takes so long in education and refers to Zevenbergen, who focuses on three concepts  which are critical to educational innnovation – field, habitus and identity. Together with Fischer’s emphasis on life-long learning, formal, traditional education will necessarily need to tailor its adaptation to the change which surrounds it – if it is to continue having  a privileged role in society.

Nevertheless, change does occur. Elements of change are all around us. It’s up to the individual to learn, understand, and participate in contributing to a more meaningful experience of education.


Why Does Innovation in Education Take so Long? – Ewan McIntosh

Teacher Identity from a Bourieuian Perspective – Robyn Zevenbergen

Lifelong Learning – More than Training – Gerhard Fischer 


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