Wondering Research, Wandering Teaching

New technologies will always bring about discussions, hesitations and questionings. That in itself is not new. Change in practices, change in paradigms, change in inquiry.

In regard to research and shifts in paradigms, Robert Donmoyer suggests that  ” Rather than talking in terms of different paradigms and continuing to carry the balkanization-oriented baggage associated with the use of Kuhn’s construct in our field, (…)  it might be more helpful to characterize our differences in terms of differing purposes, which presumably could be at least under- stood and, consequently, debated by those who approached research in radically different ways.”

As an example for qualitative research, Donmoyer presents the following table:

Donmoyer also claims that “it is now time to leave our hermetically sealed paradigmatic universes and engage with those in power in their own terms”.

My learning today, wondering through research paradigms, wandering 21st century teaching.

The wheel is still in spin.

Learning requires life and change. Learning requires adopting to change, adapting new paradigms of inquiry and practice.

How do you spin the wheels of change?


Donmoyer, Robert(2006) ‘Take my paradigm … please! The legacy of Kuhn’s construct in educational research’, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 19: 1, 11 — 34 –


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