Teaching, Educating, Thanking

With all the rapid changes in educational systems around the world, some adapting to the introduction and implementation of new technologies in their curriculum, others still questioning the value of tech in education, I am left questioning the change in roles in classrooms.

If before I spoke about the role of the learner, the teacher and the curriculum, today I would add the role of technology in the classroom. Yes, tech is tech – a tool, and not a learning outcome. Implementing activities and projects with the aid of ICT does not guarantee that the quality of education or learning process will magically improve. However, the scope of possibilities is broader, wider, and in many ways, perhaps even more inclusive with the introduction of digital literacies.

Roles may change. Names may change. Technology may change.

Beliefs in the nature and purpose of education remain the same.

To all those who truly educated me, to those who broadened my mind, unleashed my passion  to continue learning, thank you. To all those who continue inspiring me, sharing with me their reflections, hesitations, clarifications, thank you for being part of my learning.

Who was part of your learning?


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