Change – Do You?

Two months left of 2011. What has changed?

I have changed. I have introduced change in my classrooms and in my workspace. My students have changed. They feel more confident using technology for their learning. They blog, love wikis, enjoy creating Vokis, are not afraid of experimenting with technology to widen their scope of life and improve their learning experiences.

My students use technology to express their critical thinking, their language learning and their voices of change.

What will it take for educators to actually enjoy change???

Whether transmitting knowledge and skills, facilitating learning, inspiring risk-taking (what is learning if not delighting in risks of change?), these are all an educator’s responsibility.

Two months left of 2011.

What will you have changed?


4 thoughts on “Change – Do You?

  1. Bring on the Ipad πŸ™‚ multiple channels of communicating with the opportunity for collaborative learning. I think we will see more convergence of these devices for learning soon.

    • Hi Tony,

      Yes, there are increasingly more opportunities for change but educators need to keep up, embrace change and tailor what is best for their learners. Hiding away all the current social and technological changes and preparing students for the past is not really going to help students to be life-long learners.

      Besides, teachers actually need to know what an iPad can do in the hands of their students….


  2. Don’t let students under 5th grade use computers or IPADS. They’ll rewire (short circuit) their brains:
    Take note of this IMPORTANT NYT article:

    David Di Gregorio
    Supervisor Library Media Service

    Tenafly High School
    19 Columbus Drive
    Tenafly, NJ 07670
    201.696.8062 CELL
    201.816.6617 DESK

  3. Hi David,

    Thank you for visiting and leaving your opinion. Actually, only this morning I read an article how toddlers are learning how to use iPads before learning how to do their shoe-laces. (apologies for not remembering at the moment the exact source but I did find it quite interesting. )

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