Learning with Learners

Mid-term exams loom ahead and again I enquire into the learning process.

My students are not going to transform into scholars nor firelights of academics. Nevertheless, they are gifted in so many other ways. My students are living bridges between their past heritage and their country’s thirst of the future . Talented and creative, they delight in collaborating in digital stories, drawing their own visuals and appropriating digital technologies for their own values.

Every day I learn from my students and their inquiries.

The question remains  – if this is not learning, then what is?


10 thoughts on “Learning with Learners

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  3. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. The point of tension that the video highlights is that despite individualized teaching/learning being so important, it is not always possible in regular mass education. Teachers are often over-burdened with large classes (and teachers too have families and the right to their own free time) while administrators keep on counting seats. Yes, results are also added so that tax-payers can feel justified that their high state contributions do have some form of social benefit.

    I am constantly left asking what benefits do young generations get?

    On a more positive note, I think that young generations always do learn, though that moment of learning is not necessarily in the classroom. Actually, if anyone does know where/when/how that moment occurs, I would love to hear from them 🙂

    So where does this leave educators?

    Learners will learn despite circumstances. And educators should provide all means for them to achieve, whether in the classroom or through all the technological tools which are now freely available. No, not all students will rush to experiment and explore them. Many however, will find a practical use for them when they need it.

    And that is empowering.

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  9. Nice video symbolizing the meaning of learning.

    I don’t know if we would be able to point-out when and where learning occurs as we all learn something until we expire. In the world today the access to information and people is made possible through technology and social media. We live in the world of co-creation, where everyone is a producer and a consumer.

    If you look at education, A decade ago, information was consolidated and packaged into books or instructional material like journals, course etc. But, today, the students can acquire Information from varied sources (wikis, blog, answers etc) and build a pattern that symbolizes a meaning.

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